Current Exhibition

We Wear The Mask

April 11- May 2, 2014

Vernissage: April 11, 6PM

"We Wear The Mask" is Esther Ervin's first solo exhibition at Form/Space Atelier.

Works included in "We Wear the Mask" are constructed primarily from locally sourced clay and mixed media.

Masks have a long history as theatrical, ceremonial and practical devices worldwide. They allow us to step outside of assigned social roles and imaginatively experience an alternate identity. The term mask also relates to personal survival strategy within a dysfunctional social system, such as an oppressive or distressing cultural environment.

Esther's works examine the mask, not in its traditional role of transforming identity, but in a new context; to personify lyrics in selected poetry and popular music with its roots in personal and social issues. Thus, her masks attempt to reveal something, rather than conceal or transform it.

Esther received her MFA from California State University at Long Beach. She also attended the American University of Beirut, in Lebanon, and lived three years in Colombia, South America, as a Peace Corps volunteer.

After Peace Corps, she earned an MFA in BioMedical Illustration and eventually furthered her studies as a PONCHO Artist in Residence at Pratt Fine Arts Center and as a recipient of the Gregory M. Robinson Scholarship.